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January 13, 2018

After a beautiful day which allowed me to reach back into some warmer clothes, I realized I may have let my style slip a little through the beginning of what has already been a very cold and snowy winter. I do not know if it was the mid season thaw that woke me up from what was becoming my fashion hibernation, but I realized I needed to make a change to my outfits!


Just because the snow reached my knees and the temperature as low as my ankles does not mean my style had to suffer. So, what tricks can be used to help? (Use pictures of first outfit post and use pictures of heavy winter items) (Try and incorporate elephant scarf)

Layer 1 (Base Layer/keep you dry Layer): Wear heavier and moisture wicking undergarments.

For example, use a thicker undershirt. If you are wearing the same undershirt you would wear for summer or even on a cool fall day, then you’ll probably end up looking like the kid from “A Christmas Story” by the time you leave the house. On top of that, stay away from cotton! This is a great material but it lacks wicking properties. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet! Instead, look to use products made using merino wool or polypropylene. I know what you are thinking, “WOOL?!” Merino wool however, is not your traditional itchy wool.

Merino Wool:

·       Great wicking properties

·       Dries very quickly

·       Built in natural heating and cooling

·       Made of smaller crimped fibers so great insulator and no itching

·       Odor resistant



·       Thin

·       Lightweight

·       Soft

·       Best wicking material available



Step 2: The right socks.

Again, if you are wearing the same low cut and thin socks as you would in warmer months you are going to freeze. Most of our body heat is lost from a couple locations on our bodies and our feet is one of them. Think about it this way, what do you do if you start to overheat while you are sleeping? For me, I kick my feet out from under the blanket. So, try taller and slightly thicker socks made from good insulating material that allows for breathability and moisture wicking properties. (Note: Do not go with super thick outdoor socks unless you are planning on being outdoors all day or layer socks, you will sweat and then your feet will freeze. You just need socks that are slightly thicker than the ones you would wear during the summer.) Again, stay away from socks made from cotton. Personally, I like socks made from either bamboo (they are easy to find) or merino wool.


·       Great wicking properties

·       Very, very soft

·       Has some antibacterial abilities=odor fighting


Layer 2 (Insulation layer): Loose, lightweight clothes with good insulating properties

Here we would recommend fleece, polyester or again merino wool! Fleece is a great insulator and light weight. However, do not wear this material as your outer layer, especially on a windy day. The wind will go right through fleece. Another material I am a fan of is polyester-spandex! Polyester is a synthetic material that has great wicking properties, hence the reason it is used often in workout clothing. On top of its great wicking properties, it is also very strong and highly wrinkle resistant. Polyester is also used in combination with other fibers giving the clothing blended properties from both fibers. So, keep that in mind when looking at clothes made using polyester.

For my insulation layer, I went with a merino wool sweater for this outfit. I never realized it, but really love this material! It is very versatile. For pants, I went with jeans made out of cotton, polyester and spandex. Remember what I said about polyester? Because it has been blended with spandex and cotton, these jeans are comfy, breathable, lightweight and dry very quickly unlike regular cotton jeans.


·       Lightweight

·       Soft

·       Offers great breathability

In between my base layer and insulation layer, I went with this black and white striped shirt made from bamboo and spandex. If you are going to do this in between layer I would really recommend staying away from cotton again. If you over heat the cotton will get wet making you feel cold and clammy (no thank you). I really loved this mix of bamboo and spandex, it kept we warm and dry without needing to be heavy.

I finished this outfit off with a great pair of boots that are comfy and stay dry!




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