7 Tricks and Tips to Meet Your New Years Goals

January 18, 2018

Ok, so we are about 3 weeks into 2018, which means for most of us, the new year new, me has come and gone! Maybe that new gym membership with the waived membership fee is already a thing of the past and if not, it is probably heading that way. I get it. We all want to incorporate all of these new and awesome ideas into our crazy and already busy live. The problem is, no matter how awesome our calendars and planners are, there just does not seem to be enough time to fit these changes in. Nothing you can do about it right? No, there is plenty that you can do to solidify your goals into what will be your new lifestyle!


1)      Understand it takes 21 days for something to become a habit for the average adult.

Think about it, you don’t even have to be consistent for the entire month for something to become a habit. Most likely, by the time you read this it will be at least 21 days since you have set your 2018 goals. I don’t know about you, but those 21 days went by way too fast! For me that means the challenge of trying to implement new lifestyle changes into habit will also go by fast.   


2)      Create a vision board! This vision board does not need to be an afternoon of crafts. Use social media to “like” influencers in the area of your life you are wanting to change. Follow as many of them as you can. This will ensure that these new plans are always in the fore front of your mind.


3)      Learn from past failures. We all know that failure is the greatest teacher, so use it! How many years have you been doing the whole new year, new me without success? What did you try each one of those time? What worked and what didn’t? If something didn’t work before, don’t waste your time doing it again.


4)      Be honest with yourself. Telling yourself lies and making excuses for yourself only hurts you! If you are too tired after a long day, that’s ok, but telling yourself that you will go to the gym tomorrow is a lie and we both know it (I have been the #1 user of this lie). Stop telling yourself tomorrow will be the day. Once you acknowledge the truth that you probably won’t go tomorrow and you probably won’t go the day after that, ask yourself, “when will I actually go”? If you really want to make a change this will help you prioritize your day to find the “time” to make things happen.


5)      Change your mindset! Ask yourself this one question, “When can I start living MY life”? When you ask the question, really put the emphasis on “MY”. After all this is your life, no one else’s. We spend all our time doing things that we have to do, but why? Who made this way the only way to live life? I am not saying throw everything you have worked for and throw it away, nor am I saying to quit your job (unless you are truthfully unhappy and if you are planning on it have a plan). What I am getting at is, why don’t we priorities the things that we want to do? Stop waiting for retirement to start living your life. It is time that your happiness and ambitions are prioritized correctly!


6)      DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUIT! We have been taught that quitting or giving up on something is bad. In fact, reading this may just even give you anxiety thinking about it, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. So, think about it this way, what would you do if you suddenly found yourself swimming in the ocean hanging on for dear life and then out of nowhere a boat shows up to rescue you? Would you say, “No I am good thanks, I can’t give up on swimming”? Heck no! You would jump on that boat ASAP. Now imagine that the boat is actually a luxury cruise carrying your favorite band on it. Aren’t you really glad you gave up on swimming?! Now I am not saying that whenever you give up on something you will be met with something really awesome, but you may miss something awesome if you won’t give up on something that just isn’t working for you.


7)      Don’t try and completely change yourself all at once, try and make small changes. For me, being overwhelmed is paralyzing. Once that happens, everything I have been working towards comes undone and even my best laid plans can’t keep me on track. That is why it is important to pace yourself and look for small changes. Maybe instead of becoming completely fluent in that foreign language you have been wanting to learn, set a goal of learning a few words and slowly start using them together. Before you know it you may be stringing together immaculately woven sentences in a foreign tongue.  



Remember that all of these changes you are looking to make are all about you and your happiness, no one else. Look to have fun with the challenges of trying to introduce these changes into your already busy and hectic life.     

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